Wednesday, August 28, 2013

To Fall In Love Again?


Facebook is amazing.

It is amazing how I am still able to look back all the posts posted on my timeline as far as back in year two oh oh seven.

Of course there are people who entered my life and then left. However, there are still a bunch of people who entered my life and stay, up until now.

Sometimes I have to look back to learn what I had missed so as not to repeat the same mistake again in the future. I only look in the rear view mirror to glance back remembering the memories and mandating that I will not make the same mistakes. Of course, I constantly look forward making sure I do not miss a thing in the present!

However, there is a saying that goes ‘Sometimes in order to appreciate your future, you must remember the past.’

I do accept the fact that there are things or people that I cannot get back again, ever. I guess ‘We do not meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason’ really hit me.

I will never forget that when one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look at the closed door for too long that we do not see the one that has already been opened for us.

Therefore, I am now entering the new door of happiness.

No, I am still single but I am looking forward to fall in love again. Yes, I know I was betrayed and hurt real bad in the past relationship but this shall not stop me to fall in love again. This shall not change my nature. However, I shall change my view in getting into a relationship.

Why do I want to be in a relationship?

Not so that I will be happy.

Not so that I feel completed.

Not so that I feel good about myself.

All these perceptions are inane! They will only aggravate the relationship between you and your other half.


I learned, in a hard way, that happiness comes from within. I am responsible on my own happiness. I shall feel good about myself. I am complete with myself. Also, I shall never ever forget my own value when I am loving my significant other.

If I do not love myself, what rights do I have to expect him to love me? If I am not happy with myself, what rights do I have to expect him to be happy with me? If I am not enjoying my own company, what rights do I have to expect him to enjoy my company?

In a nutshell, I shall stop whingeing about the other half not being able to make me happy and all those shits.

I want to be in a relationship because I want to share my wonderful life with him. Also, to fall in love with him, I must fall in love with his lifestyle as well because to love someone, I must love his life too. Else, how is he able to share his life with me?

Therefore, do not judge me by my past. I am not in the past anymore.

Accept me for who I am because this is me today.

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