Sunday, August 4, 2013

Don’t Judge Me By My Look!

My beauty is not limited to my looks or the way I walk. It is not my body or my hair that defines me. Do not judge me by my looks, my clothes or the way I wear my hair.

My intelligence is not limited to my degrees or my education level. Do not make assumptions about me by looking at my income, my house or my lifestyle

I cannot be defined by all these.


Judge me by the love and compassion I have in my heart.

Find the beauty in the way I smile when I hide my scars and overcome my pain and my passion to survive despite all the odds in my life.

Judge me by the way I treat people around me and the way I touch so many hearts with my unconditional love.

My life is not glorious but it is not awful or pathetic either.

I may not have a great influence on people I meet but I am unique in my own special ways, even with my flaws and imperfections.

And if this is not enough, you can define me by the footprints of love that I will leave behind in the hearts of people when I am dead and gone.

I am proud of what I am.

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