Friday, August 5, 2011

Food Review: Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt

Moo Cow offers their customers to indulge fat free yogurt without all the guilt that normally comes with normal yogurt. This beats Tutti Frutti – sources from someone close to me. I had never tried it before so, one fine Sunday, my brother brought me to Plaza Tamas to have some fro-yo.

Note, they have a franchise inside The Gardens mall, same floor as Sushi Zanmai. The newly opened franchise is at Wangsa Walk Mall.


Since it was my first experience, I tried the original fro-yo with almond crust as my toppings. It costs RM9.90 for your chosen fro-yo flavour with one free topping. Additional RM1.00 for an additional topping. And trust me, it is really filling. The taste was really awesome and every month, they have new flavours. More awesome, right? For me, the sweetness is just nice and I do not get sick of it; if were to have a second serving.

And we did go for second round.


Actually we chose Plaza Tamas because my brother and his girlfriend wanted to get different colours for the Moo shirts. They had already been to the one at The Gardens but were told that there are more choices at Plaza Tamas so, there we were!

We were really crazy over these shirts. We basically wanted to get all the colours for their shirts, of course the nice ones. Unfortunately, it was not as claimed. We were told differently that there are more choices at The Gardens.

So guess what?

We went to The Gardens!


Guava yogurt with sunflower seeds


Original yogurt with chocolate chips

There were not much nicer colours available at The Gardens. However, the aunty who is in charge of Moo’s clothing line told us that we could make a reservation! Awesome, right? One of the staff thought we are having a themed party since we requested for loads of Moo shirts!


We love Moo Cow

I had my second fro-yo experience when the boyfriend was here for Liverpool FC’s Asia Tour match in Malaysia. Even the boyfriend who is not a fan of sweet dessert find this fro-yo really nice. I guess he fell in love with it too. I do hope they will have a franchise opening in Penang too. Else I would be craving for Moo Moo!


C.Y.Jhien said...

Hi there! May i know how did you get these Moo Cow T-shirts? Do you needa pay for each?

Hope for ya reply! Thankie :)

Y. Jhien

Fumoffu said...

Hello there!

Yes, I bought them. It's RM15 for each t-shirt. Or you can exchange 1 t-shirt for one chop on the loyalty card. Just go to the counter and asked them about the t-shirts. They will be happy to tell you more about it :)