Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lovely Sunday in July!

It is almost the end of August already and I had been procrastinating to update my blog. It was one of the Sundays in July where I spent the whole day with my brother and his girlfriend.


That morning, we went to Mid Valley for Maybank’s Treats Fair. We were there for a few purposes. One, to apply credit cards. Two, to personalise our debit cards. Three, to meet The Lau’s big brother.


I thought I would not be able to personalise my debit card since I did not bring mine. I asked a few of the responsible staff and they told me no-can-do-miss. That was really unfortunate. However, when we were waiting for my brother’s turn, the lady in charge told me that it was doable. Luck was on my side, hurray! And there, I have Gaara on my debit card.


Later that evening, we left to The Curve to meet our cousin brother at Sakae Sushi for dinner. He would be leaving for India for his 4-month training (well, obviously he is there already). I would definitely asked him on his training when we meet during Chinese New Year next year. We stay just next door after all. After dinner, walked around The Curve and bought curry puffs at IKEA before we bid farewell.

As far as I could remember, July had been a fruitful month for me. I had been going out almost every weekend, mostly with my brother. I will definitely miss this especially now that I am in Penang already. I wonder how are my weekends going to be here. I hope it is as fruitful as I had back in Kuala Lumpur; spent quality time with family and friends.

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