Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Looking back at older posts does get me thinking if I am currently doing any better or worse.

Am I still hiding somewhere in a corner? Or am I still finding my way out? Or probably, I am already out of the cell but not wanting to face it?

There are things that I had never done and I did it. There are things that I had never said and I said it.

I am scared of who I am becoming – like I do not know who I am anymore. Not knowing what I like and what I do not.

I am scared of what I am getting myself into – like I do not know which direction I am heading to. Not knowing what makes me happy and what does not.

I think I just need to hang in there and put myself out of this unnecessary misery.


ken said...

dont worry, set your directions and go with the flow :)

Fumoffu said...

thanks, ken :)

goingkookies said...

Hey girl...

It's good that you're asking yourself these questions.

For me, I've always been the 'guai' girl.. never having my 'fun' times or go wild during uni years etc.

Alwyas stayed home and abide by my curfew. then came work and a job i hated from day1 etc lots of things changed.

I changed. for the worst. I started doing things that I wouldn't. I changed to be someone that just wasn't the real me.

So, it's alright to be down. To do stupid stuff. But make sure you come back from it k.

Take a step back and learn from your past - the good and the bad. Learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them for to do so will only lead you to more pain and anguish.

And whatever it is, it's never the end of the world... =) Just know that you have peopel who care about you, who don't judge you etc...

Stay strong k babe...

Fumoffu said...

Wow.. Thanks for the messages, Esther :)

It does make me feel better of myself :)