Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thanksgiving Thursday

PS: I have an unlimited access to both Facebook. Yay! Also, an unlimited access to blog! Double yay! Gonna post all my post-dated posts while I can..


That was my first Thanksgiving Thursday. Instead of having Turkey, we had Taiwanese chicken.

DSC_7994While waiting for my Taiwanese chicken, I had BBQ at the stall next door. I love BBQ. It’s YUM!

DSC_8036Stuffed, we went to check out the park nearby. Parks in China are mostly very happening, especially at night. It is always packed with couples who come and dance their night away.

DSC_8008 Random shot: See, speak, listen, touch

We ended the night with desserts (aka ice-cream!) and believe me, I really had fun that night especially the fact that I celebrated this day with all my colleagues.


kenwooi said...

hmm.. how long ago was this? lol =P

Fumoffu said...

I still have loads of backdated posts T____T