Monday, February 22, 2010

Di Shui Dong

PS: I just got back from a bar and am a little bit tipsy now but I really want to at least post one of my very backdated posts, alright?

Okay, Chinese New Year is almost over and I am still stuck in my December backdated posts, fuck my life!

Anyway, Di Shui Dong is one of the many good restaurants in Shanghai. How good is good? Wait till you come to Shanghai and you will know how good is good, ya?

So, long story short: it was a farewell dinner for one of my many friends in Shanghai. How many is many? Okay okay, I will just cut the crap. I am tipsy, alright? Be tolerant.

IMG_3955 Few of the oldest AIESEC interns in Shanghai turned up (yay!).


Some fish dish, specially ordered for our only Vegetarian.

IMG_3963 Can’t remember what this is, shit!

IMG_3961 Ooo.. My favourite! The eggplant is awesome!

IMG_3962 The signature dish and everyone’s favourite. The name of this dish? Let me try.. Fried lamb something? Don’t ask me.


The killer for the night. The guys just got fucked up!


See! Aforementioned, the guy is got fucked up. Fyi, that’s the farewell boy.

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