Monday, February 8, 2010

Ellwyn’s Farewell@Magnificent Hotel

Ellwyn was one of my colleagues; he sat right in front of me in the office. My senior; he was already in the company a month before me. Almost my saviour; he helped to search for a temporary place for me to stay in my first two weeks in Shanghai.

On 28th November, we arranged a farewell for him. We booked a room in a hotel where we would all sleep in.

IMG_3857After dinner, we ventured the hotel’s top floor: the roof! We were just trying our luck to see if the roof is accessible. It was definitely one of the great places to capture Shanghai nightscape.



DSC_8388 The future.

DSC_8389 E.L.L.W.Y.N



What’s next? Changed, all dressed up, we headed to Windows Scoreboard for its two-hour free drinks giveaway!


Damn packed, right?

IMG_3900 That’s the guy who left the company. Ignore my red cheeks :P


Free drinks, checked! Tipsy, checked! Time to dance! We headed to Richie, one of the best clubs in Shanghai. Trust me, it is. As far as I could remember, we danced for 3 hours.


While the rest were still up for games and talks, I was knackered and therefore, the first to hit the sack lol! Anyway, the night was legen..wait for it..dary!

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