Sunday, January 6, 2019

October 2018

It had been an eventful month too.

2018-10-06 18.12.02

During the early of the month, I had company’s teambuilding in Penang. It was lovely to be able to spend the weekend with fun people. We had a great time especially by ending the trip at ESCAPE Park. It was my second time but the very first time to try out a lot of rides at the park. Also, the very first time to try out their waterpark.

2018-10-19 17.23.18

Nearing the end of the month, I made a trip to Singapore with my mom to attend my baby brother’s graduation. So proud of him to be able to get his Degree while working. We considered it a family trip since it had been a long time since we had one together. I think the last vacation we had together was also Singapore. Guess what? We are going to have another big family trip in November 2019. Look forward to my blog entries on it.

2018-10-27 18.57.31

I went back to Sibu end of the month.


To attend a good friend’s wedding dinner. We had been in the same class since Form 1 up to Form 5 and guess what?

He had been sitting close to me for 2 consecutive years. In front of me when we were in Form 2 and next to me when we were in Form 3. He was my ‘sifu’ in some of the games that I played back then – Starcraft, Gunbound and DOTA. Yeah, I remember he brought me along to join 7 of them to play DOTA. In the group, he’s always the one looking out for me. Happy for him to marry this sweet girl whom I happened to know as well – my big brother’s course mate in his university days.

Such a small world.

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