Tuesday, January 5, 2016

December 2015

December had been different. Something big had happened. I was being transferred to another channel at work. Trust me, it is a whole different level. I knew it was not easy. I was probably not ready for it. The pressure was overwhelming and I started to feel inconfident and doubt my own capability.

Good thing Christmas is in December and I had loads of Christmas activities to give myself a piece of mind.

2015-12-16 22.47.30

There was a Christmas karaoke with Dell Penang Toastmasters Club.

2015-12-18 23.16.07

Then a fancy Christmas dinner with some of my favourite people.

2015-12-20 01.21.03

Then a Christmas gathering with my lovely MEF-ians.

2015-12-20 23.17.26

And then another Christmas gathering with the friends that I had not met for a very long time.

2015-12-25 02.44.58

Later a Christmas meeting in Penang Toastmasters Club.

2015-12-23 20.50.46

And finally, a Christmas dinner with my colleagues in the same department.

December was not easy but I am a fighter and I had fought in many battles. Therefore, I should not falter. Plus, I have a great support from my team. All I can hope for is that 2016 will be good to me. Please!

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