Saturday, October 4, 2014

AIESEC in Taylor’s University’s A Decade of Excellence!

A decade of excellence? Time flies.

I still remember when I first entered the college’s meeting room, I was given a HOT-TO-GO cheer. That was my very first AIESEC’s cultural shock experience. It did not stop there. It went on with the square dances and crazy roll calls. Sooner or later, I managed to gel with the culture.


I took up the challenge to apply a position in the organisation even though I was a new member. I became the Vice President of Human Resources and my partner was Yy who was the Vice President of Learning. I still remember I was in charge of recruitment as well as members’ involvement in the activities and events whereas Yy was in charge of the members’ development and learning in the organisation. It was not an easy year as AIESEC was still new in college.


In the following year, I stepped down from the Committee. Why? I wanted to start the organisation’s very first Project Based On Exchange (PBox) which was TOMORROW – A Colourful Tomorrow For The Children Of Today. I had to recruit people to be part of my team and we had to work together to get sponsors to fund the project. It was not easy at all but I can proudly say that the project was a success. One of my biggest achievement was I managed to get Berjaya Group to sponsor the Motivational Camp.


What happened after I graduated? I was still actively involved in AIESEC. Doing what? I was one of the Exchange Participants! I was matched to a company in Shanghai and that was where I did my one-year AIESEC Exchange Programme. A very fulfilling and satisfactory experience I shall say.


Looking back, I realised I changed a lot thanks to AIESEC. I became who I am today mostly because of my involvement in AIESEC’s activities, events and programmes. It does not make any difference to a person if he or she joined an organisation that provides a lot of opportunities and he or she does not seize the opportunities himself or herself.


That night was a night to celebrate 10 years’ of hard work from each term. For me, it was more like a catching up moments with friends that I had not seen for so long.


Also, for senior members like us, we could see the enthusiasm and the excitement of the new members. AIESEC in Taylor’s University has changed a lot, to better, definitely. Now I am looking forward to Two Decades Of Excellence!

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