Thursday, June 20, 2013

Home ♥

It was great to be back home last weekend. It was short but nice.

Though I may seem homeless in Penang but, I still have a place called ‘home’ and there was a saying that goes ‘Home is where the heart is.’

I was back home to celebrate my grandfather’s birthday.

My grandparents had been taking care of my siblings and I very well when our parents were outstation for work purposes. I was under their care since I was twelve.

Then I left my homeland to West Malaysia after I had finished my Form 5 and since then, I had not moved back for good. After I graduated, I went further to Shanghai to do my management traineeship. However, I had always kept in touch with them every week over the phone. This practice is still kept up until now.

My grandfather was obviously very delighted to see most of us, the grandchildren, back home to celebrate his birthday.

Our presence is the best birthday gift for him.

I had pledged to go back every year for his birthday. Let us face the fact that he is not young anymore and that I must spend more time with him.

Adding to what had happened to me recently, it felt great to be home. It made me realised that these people are the people who truly love and truly accept for who I am and also the people who will never ever leave me.

I really thank Lord to have blessed me with such a beautiful family.


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