Sunday, January 10, 2010

Roommates Dinner

Okay, now back to the outdated posts that I should have posted up here like what, last year? Geez! I am getting really lazy now.

So, in my previous post, I moved to a new place and I have new housemates. It had been a week since we moved in to the new place together and finally, we had a dinner together. Home cooked dinner. Wait, have I told you that the guys were the chefs? No kidding. They were.

IMG_3562That afternoon, I went to do some grocery with the guys. These guys are really tall, trust me. Me standing between them would remind you of Malaysia’s Petronas Twin Towers.

IMG_3563Aforementioned, the guys were the chefs and the girls were hooked up with their laptops.

IMG_3570Introducing my cool housemates, from left to right: Stefan, Kai and Vivi.

IMG_3569The meal was lovely that I went for two rounds. I had even saved some for lunch the next day at work.


And not to forget about red wine for dinner. We did not have proper wine glasses but, it did not really matter. Really. I had a great time with all of them that night. It was my very first time to have a long and nice conversation over dinner with my new housemates. I was hoping to do more of this though..

..and we did, on New Year Eve.


kenwooi said...

cooking at home is always fun! =D

Fumoffu said...

yeap! totally agree xD

Geez! I wish China can unblock Blogs. urgghh!