Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fumo Update #10

Aside from clubs and drinks, I venture into the world of food in Shanghai too. I find Shanghai has a lot of interesting restaurants that serve interesting food.

The most common food, Sichuan Cuisine. You only need two words to describe it. Oily. Spicy.

IMG_3682 One of the cold dishes

IMG_3684 Fried something that is full of chillies!


Soup that is full of fish (and chillies).


Spicy frog (!!!) meat


The only dish that is not spicy at all like, finally..

Enough of Sichuan Cuisine. It is not my favourite anyway. Behold one of my favourite dishes in Shanghai:


Thai Green Curry Beef! Me love!

Oh well, I do not always dine outside. I have home cooked too.


Home spaghetti! Prepared by a friend of mine in Shanghai. Random. Totally. But it was so good that I went for the second round..

..and I felt really sick after, as my stomach was bloated.

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