Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Japan: Day 3 (Kyoto)

It was our last day to explore Kyoto – so many places to go but, so little time. However, we did not force ourselves to rush or shorten our visit just to cover all the places.

Since we did not get to walk in the Bamboo Groves, after our breakfast, that was the first place we went to. In my personal opinion, you can spend more time in Bamboo Groves than the Tenryuji Temple unless you love garden.

2016-09-30 10.49.14

We headed to Nishiki Market in time for lunch. But before we went for our lunch, we explored the stalls at the market. I had read from a site that there are a few good stalls that offer delicious food. I had Kyoto-style beef manju bun which was served hot. Yum! Then the soy milk donut – fluffy bite-sized rings. Each bite left me craving for more. Please finish them while they are still hot. Do not be like me – save some for later and they got cold – not delicious anymore. Last but not least, Sawawa thick matcha soft serve cone. Remember to order THICK and not just matcha flavour.

2016-09-30 12.51.31

2016-09-30 12.56.20

2016-09-30 13.00.57

Our main dish for our lunch was none other than ramen at Ippudo. Since I could not eat too much due to my poor health, we shared and trust me, this is one of the must-go places if you are in Nishiki Market. There are a lot of choices of ramen but we decided to go for the famous classic ramen.

2016-09-30 13.15.38

We went to Owl Family Kyoto after our lunch since it is in the same area. I had been looking forward to  go to this place before this adventure even started. I just love owls that much. We arrived just in time for the next petting hour. It seems they have time slots and reservations are needed. We were really lucky. We were given 50 minutes to pet the owls. However, only the owls that were on duty.

2016-09-30 14.18.29

When it hit 3pm, we decided to  continue our adventure. However, we were torn in between Kiyomizudera Temple or Ginkakuji Temple (Philosopher’s Path). We did not have enough time to cover both places as they are in different directions. The lady at Owl Family Kyoto recommended us to go Kiyomizudera Temple and that was where we decided to go to. We bought our souvenirs there as well.

2016-09-30 15.33.27

When it was nightfall, we left for Gion, where we would be spending the rest of the evening at. We were hoping to run into a Geisha but luck was not on our side this time. Also, Gion was not an affordable place to eat. We almost gave up when I came across this restaurant in a dark alley. Google-d the place and apparently, it is quite famous – Yagenbori Japanese Restaurant.

2016-09-30 17.49.07

It was raining heavily by the time we finished our dinner. We did not have our umbrellas with us and therefore, we decided to call it a day earlier as we would be traveling to Ise the next morning.

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