Friday, November 30, 2012

October - November

I cannot believe that I had not blogged for more than a month! The last post I did was the day before I left Penang to Kuching.

So what had I been doing over in Kuching?

Well, apart from indulging myself with local delights that I had truly missed, I was working at a pet shop.

I was basically helping out at the shop as well as showering and blow drying the dogs. As I advanced further, I started to learn basic grooming. It was not easy as we are dealing with animals, not human beings, so it was not under control, always.

Though there were a lot of works to be done and you will always get yourself worn out at the end of the day, it was truly enjoyable and trust me, time flies really fast! There were indeed frustration moments but they did not last for long. Every single day you will always have new things to laugh at, to be happy with, and to be proud of.

I truly learned a lot during my one month experience there and probably I should venture into pet grooming profession? We shall see..

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