Thursday, March 6, 2008

Snatch Thieves

It happened on Monday when I was getting ready to go out with my housemates. It was raining heavily so, Jason, being a gentleman, offered to drop us at Cats Whiskers. Omg! Cats Whiskers is now having a BIG SALE! Alright, back to topic.

Aforementioned, it was raining cats and dogs when there was a tumult. Looking out of the windows, I saw a Malay guy attempted to snatch one of the girls' bag even though he was whacked by an umbrella. Jason intended to help them when he saw the guy got onto a motorbike after he managed to get on hold of the girl's bag. It was then a taxi blocked their way and the Malay guys made a u-turn instead. I believe they manged to escape even though the taxi driver chased after them due to heavy jam in SS15.

What happen to this country? Why do they still want to commit crimes when they are given a lot of compensation and incentives by the government? Hard to comprehend.

Anyway, be very careful, my dear blog readers. And Yee Yen, remind your sister to be cautious as the incident occurred very near to her house only.

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