Friday, June 1, 2007

Birthday Blast in Little Taiwan

Date: 31st May 2006 (Thursday)
Time: 7.00 pm
Venue: Little Taiwan (upstairs)

Objective: Celebrate Shanny's and Ke Vin's 20th Birthday

VIPs: Shanny & Ke Vin
Participants: Alex, Cecilia, Sue, Julie, Siew Jhoong, Chung and of course me.
Special Guest: Jonathan XD

  • Ordered food.
  • Camwhoring.
  • Makan-ing.
  • Deep conversation with Shanny when Jon appeared suddenly. Shanny was freaking shocked! XD
  • Cakes, birthday songs and photos!
  • Presents time along with photos!
  • Chit-chatting. Photo shooting.
  • Group photo.
  • Goodbyess..


Nice lighting effect XD

Blur version

This is specially amended to Shanny and Ke Vin:

From the blur version to this XD

Last but not least, still wanna wish Shanny a Happy 20th Birthday and to Ke Vin, an early Happy 20th Birthday!

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